Welcome back to another HONA tutorial. Today, we're going to be using the HONA Tortie Foil. We're going to be doing two different methods which give two different end results.

After prepping your clients hands and applying a base coat, we're going to go straight in with our Get Tacky Foil Glue and apply a really thin coat all over the tip. Then pop that into the lamp to cure for 60 seconds. Whilst that's curing, we can have a little look at our foil. So one side of the foil is really shiny and pigmented and the other side is a little bit duller. The dull side is what will be placed on top of the nail tip. And that will allow us to transfer the pattern onto the nail.

First method we're working on is a dubbing method. So rather than transferring the whole of the foil onto the nail in one go, we're going to pick parts that we want to apply onto the nail and remove it and reapply it until we get the desired effect. Now, this method is the easier method just because we're not relying on one seamless transfer, but it does leave cracks and gaps that we need to fill in later. It also allows us to have more control over what colour is on the actual nail as well.

Using a square gel brush, you'll then need to go in with the Tortie Detail Paint and do one thin seamless coat all over the nail plate. Leave this completely uncured ready for the next step.

Okay, so this is where the magic happens. It's time to go in with Black Detail Paint and a Liner Brush and move the black paint through the wet detail paint that we put on before to fill in any of the gaps and cracks. Once you’ve moved the paint around as much as you want to, pop that into the lamp to cure and then finish with our high shine top coats. And that is as simple as that.

So once you’ve cured the top coat for 60 seconds you’ll see a really pretty effective look without any of the lumps and bumps you get when you're doing it all by hand.

Okay, moving on to our next method, we're starting off exactly the same as before and applying a thin layer of the Get Tacky Foil Glue, and this time you can try one seamless transfer. So you’ll need to kind of stretch out the foil slightly and then place it on top of the nail. Then get a dry lint free wipe and rub the whole nail plate to ensure that every area gets the full transfer. Disclosure, this definitely has a little bit of a knack to it and you might not get it right the first time. All of the timings are based on the HONA Cordless Cube and your lamp could differ for the foil glare as well. So, it's worth playing around with timings. But definitely don't give up and keep trying, it's really easy to remove it and try again. Sometimes even the seamless method can leave a couple of gaps, which is more than likely going to happen since it's such a dark pigmented foil and it's quite easy to tell when there is a gap. If this happens, go straight in with the same method as before using the detail paint to just to fill in any gaps and add a little bit more dimension.

Once you've finished adding your detail paint, you can add the top coat and cure again. And there you have it! Don’t forget to tag us in all your amazing Tortie designs!