Whether you're looking to channel your inner wicked witch or want a sprinkle of eerie elegance, our Halloween nail art tutorials will guide you through creating the perfect mani for the season.

HONA nail tech, Sacha has created two creepy and kooky nail tutorials for you to try! 

Gorgeous Ghosties!

What You'll Need:
Complete Base
Getaway Gel Polish
Liner Brush
White Detail Paint
Prank Call ( Or a shade from The Sleepover Club or That's Hot)
Black Detail Paint
SuperShine Topcoat
HONA Cordless Cube UV LED LAMP

HONA Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Ghosties

Video Transcript

Come and watch me create this gorgeous glitter ghostie. I absolutely love this design. Let's go. First of all, I'm starting with Getaway and we're going to apply two coats of that and cure for 60 seconds in between each coat.

Then, I'm using my white detail paint and I'm going to outline the ghostie. I've turned that pop upside down because this is going to be a look that you would wear on the tip of an almond-shaped nail, a stiletto, or an oval. As you can see, I'm just quickly outlining the ghost it doesn't need to be perfect.

At this point, it is just the outline. And the reason I've gone in with the white is so that the glitter that I use on top is really bright and really punchy. Cure that for 60 seconds. And then here I'm using prank call. This is from the sleepover club collection, full of glitter, it's absolutely fabulous. A really really gorgeous colour, especially against that pink background. Then we're gonna go in with black detail paint and we're gonna go right around the complete edge of our ghostie as you can see, I'm not applying it too thick. Here you can just leave it as an outline, or you can start adding some shade and some depth to our ghostie. Whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever your ability is. And don't forget the most important bit those cute little eyes and cure for 60 seconds.

I'm also adding just a few of these really thin bits, just to kind of make it move a little bit and also add to the realistic effect of the ghostie. And there we have it. What a cutie. So then we've got to cover with our supershine top coat and remember my trick, turn it upside down just so that gravity helps you when you are applying top coat over detail paints. And there we have our final ghostie. A super easy nail art design for this Halloween season. And here's the full set. All of these colours are from the sleepover collection. I have used Getaway as the background pink and black detail pin and super shine top coat I think they look amazing. I absolutely love these little glitter ghosties. And if you do recreate these please tag HONA and have some fun this spooky season.

Layered Graveyard Design (Design Credit: @kellyohstein)

What You'll Need:
Complete Base
Boho Gel Polish
Old Smoke Detail Paint
Black Detail Paint
Long Liner Nail Art Brush
SuperShine Top Coat
HONA Cordless Cube UV LED LAMP

HONA Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Graveyard

Video Transcript

Hello, I'm going to show you today how to make this spooky graveyard nail art. Come and watch me work. First of all, you're going to need two layers of Boho on to your nail. Don't forget to cure 60 seconds in between each layer. Then you're going to get Old Smoke which is a great detail paint, and you're going to make two blobs, you're going to add one of those blobs with complete base. So it makes the grey go really milky and it's easier to make the background gravestones. Here you can see I'm making the design, just a guideline and then I'm going to go in and make my gravestone and this is just the background so you don't need to pay too much attention to the shapes. Then you're going to get black detail paint and add a blob of that to the grey. This is going to make the second shade of grey for your gravestones.

As you can see here I have sped up the video just so you can see all the detail that I am adding and the end result will look something like this. Then you're going to add another blob of your black detail paint to the grey to make this slick grey colour. And then you're going to do your gravestones. Again pay attention to detail you can use two three or four different sizes and shapes to make your nail stand out. And you will get something that looks similar to this. In between each stage, we are curing it for 30 seconds. Next, you will go in with your black detail paint and do the final step of gravestones. This is really important to make these ones stand out. And don't forget to layer them as you can see, like I'm doing here. Now you could stop your nail art just there or you can do what I've done which is adding a spooky tree just to create those depth and dimensions within your nail art. This is a really good way of levelling up your nail art and making it stand out from the rest and the end result will look something like this cure for 60 seconds and then bring it back out of the lamp.

Then here I'm using just a really small amount of the grey detail paint on a wider brush just to create this kind of spooky sky effect. And now we need to add top coat I’m using Supershine from HONA. And a really good trick when you are doing nail art, especially with this many levels of detail paint. It can sometimes get a bit bubbly so, once you've done it, turn it over, and roll the top coat, you might find that it actually creates a much more sleeker finished result just like this one. Thank you so much for watching this tutorial. I hope you've enjoyed it. And welcome to the spooky season.

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