The Importance of Using a Compatible Lamp As a Nail Technician

When it comes to gel nail polish application, selecting the ideal shade of polish isn't the only element necessary for an impeccable manicure - compatible UV/LED lamps play a critical role. In this blog post by HONA we'll examine why compatible lamps are integral not only in terms of longevity but also in safety considerations.

Wavelength - Wavelength is an important factor in the curing process for gel polish. Different brands require different wavelengths in order to cure successfully; using an LED/UV manicure lamp designed specifically to work with each brand ensures the appropriate wavelength for optimal curing results. To provide optimal curing results when used for HONA manicures, LED lamps requiring radiation values between 365-400 nanometers (nm), known as UV-A range are needed.

Irradiance Value - The Irradiance Value refers to the intensity of UV/LED light emitted from lamps, measured in milliwatts per square centimetre (mW/cm2). For optimal curing, different brands of gel polish require specific irradiance values for proper curing; choosing a lamp with an appropriate value ensures efficient and effective curing time and is one major factor that influences whether over/under cure occurs with your gel.

LED Quantity/Placement - An easily overlooked aspect is LED placement - sometimes called "LED placement". LED's may only be found at the top or sides of a lamp depending on what kind of lamp it is; other lamps have them both ways! Lamps equipped with LED's on either side provide superior coverage and ensure that gel polish cures evenly and smoothly, decreasing any risk of under-curing areas. Mirrored interiors will help LED placement as light will bounce around and evenly illuminate all parts of the lamp for smooth curing processes. Furthermore, having multiple LED's within a lamp may influence how fast its cure process goes. More LED's provide more intense light intensity and ensure that gel polish cures efficiently and quickly. Therefore, when selecting an UV/LED manicure lamp for specific brands of gel polish it is imperative that the number of LEDs be considered. By choosing an appropriately equipped UV/LED manicure lamp with optimal LED placement and number of LED's, gel polish will be cured more evenly and efficiently without under or over-curing risks, producing high-quality, long-lasting manicures that look their best.

Curing Time - Curing time is of utmost importance; different brands of gel polish require various curing times that may differ depending on which lamp is used to cure them. Utilizing an UV/LED manicure lamp ensures that gel polishes are cured efficiently, mitigating over or under curing which could result in lift-off or peel-off, leading to messages from clients about this.

HONA…What about wattage? It's important to keep in mind that wattage alone cannot accurately assess whether a UV/LED lamp will work with any particular brand of gel polish. Wattage measures power consumed but doesn't reveal quality or intensity of light being emitted by a lamp - instead, Irradiance Value, Wavelength and LED Position should all be considered when selecting compatible lamps.

Professional nail technicians need an UV/LED manicure lamp compatible with their gel nail polish to provide their clients with high-quality, long-term and safe manicures. Nail technicians should always refer to specifications regarding irradiance value, wavelength frequency, curing time recommended and LED placement when making this determination for safest results possible. By choosing such an ideal light source for their business needs, nail technicians can deliver superior services while remaining compliant.