Everything you need to know about PureFoundation

Following the highly successful release of PureFoundation Clear, HONA is thrilled to announce the launch of PureFoundation Coloured. This new line of products brings the same exceptional qualities of PureFoundation Clear but now with a wide range of stunning shades to choose from!

Here is everything you need to know...

What is PureFoundation?

Earlier this year, HONA introduced PureFoundation, a hybrid gel that combines the strength of Rubber Base with the elegance of PureBuild. This hypoallergenic universal gel quickly became a game-changer for the HONA community, known for its versatility and ease of use.

PureFoundation can be used as a strong builder gel (no base required), an exceptional adhesive for SwiftTips (HONA's soft gel extension system), and a strengthening overlay. 

At the heart of PureFoundation is a key ingredient that forms robust bonds with keratin—the fundamental protein in nails. This leads to dramatically enhanced adhesion, reducing the risk of peeling and chipping and ensuring manicures are durable and long-lasting.  

After the incredible response to PureFoundation Clear, we have now launched PureFoundation Coloured, a new line of hypoallergenic gels which allow nail techs of all levels to provide hypoallergenic, durable express manicures. 

What are the benefits of using PureFoundation Coloured?

It’s Durable
PureFoundation creates a more flexible gel layer on the nail compared to HONA’s builder gel, PureBuild. This flexibility is what allows the gel to maintain its structure when under pressure, making it an incredibly effective product for clients who are heavier-handed or those with weak, bendy and brittle nails.

It’s Easy to Use
Due to its enhanced adhesive properties, PureFoundation is a more forgiving product when it comes to prep, which means that nail techs of all levels can easily achieve great retention. 

It’s Quicker
As PureFoundation has a built-in base coat, nail techs can now provide a quicker builder gel service that doesn’t compromise durability or safety. 

It’s Hypoallergenic, Vegan & Cruelty Free
As with all the HONA gel system products, PureFoundation does not contain HEMA, HPMA or IBOA, the most well- known allergens in the nail industry.

Is PureFoundation Clear different to PureFoundation Coloured?

The Colours
The biggest difference between PureFoundation Clear and PureFoundation Coloured is the pigment. PureFoundation Coloured includes pigment to give it its colours. 

Where it’s made
When developing PureFoundation Coloured, we brought in the expertise of additional chemists based in Germany to create a formula we are happy with. Whilst PureFoundation Clear is made in the USA.

Cure Time
PureFoundation can be cured in 60 seconds but we recommend curing PureFoundation Coloured in low-heat mode for 90 seconds. 

How is PureFoundation different to PureBuild?

It has fewer steps than PureBuild
As PureFoundation does not require a base coat and has additional adhesive properties, it can be applied directly onto the nail for a quicker service.

It has more flex
PureFoundation creates a more flexible gel layer compared to PureBuild, meaning it can better absorb pressure and impact, which can cause chipping or cracking. This means it may be more suitable for your heavier-handed clients.

It has additional adhesive properties
PureFoundation forms robust bonds with keratin in the natural nail giving it additional adhesive properties compared with PureBuild. This means you can still get great results if you’re still mastering your prep.

As PureFoundation is a faster polymerising gel, we recommend using the HONA Cordless Cube on low-heat mode for a 90-second cure. If your client has sensitive nails, we recommend applying a base coat, using thinner layers and curing on low-heat mode.

How do I apply and remove PureFoundation?

Find out all you need to know about PureFoundation and how to use it in our PureFoundation tutorial with Head of Education, Gaia.

PureFoundation is removed the exact same way as PureBuild. Check out our tutorial below.