October 2023 Nail Art Trends And Ideas

October has always been a magical time of the year, with its crisp autumn air, pumpkin-spiced everything, Halloween and the anticipation of holidays right around the corner. The charm of the season is palpably present, and what better way to wear that charm than right on your nails? Let's dive into five nail art trends for October that are perfect for welcoming this enchanting month.

1. Metallics 

Whether you're all about those understated tones or you're the "bolder the better" type, it's time to welcome metallic art gels into your manicure toolkit.  Imagine your go-to French, but with a twist. By introducing a metallic finish, you can add a touch of shimmer while still keeping its timeless elegance. Here we can see, Damon, has taken it a step further by adding a third dimension to the tip as well as our Gold Rush Chrome.

To get this look, check out our Celestial collection, our premium collection of 10 spectacular, almost chrome effect, art gels. This collection includes more unique shades like, Venus, Earth or Orion's Belt or you can go for firm favourites like the classic Mirror Silver, Gold or Champagne

2. Gothic and Dark

With Halloween right round the corner, dark gothic nails with lace are the perfect nod to Halloween without going all out. We've seen a big rise in black, almond/coffin/stiletto shaped nails. This design by Sara is a stunning example.

To get the look yourself, you can use Blackcurrant Breeze from our Juicy Gels Collection for the translucent base colour, along with Black Detail Paint for the full coverage gel polish. The black lace can be found with our foils and they are a great way to elevate a design with minimal effort! In Sara's design she has also added texture with our Sugar Daddy Glitter (Black).

3. Character Nails

 Thanks in part to our Halloween competition in the HONA Community, we've seen an outpour of character nails. Ghosts, ghouls, Scooby Doo, scream masks and more.

We love this design by Jody which uses Blackcurrant Breeze, Heatwave, Peace Out, Black Detail Paint, White Detail Paint, Shiny Red Shards Foil using our adhesive, Get Tacky. If you're wanting to try some character work, definitely make sure you're all stocked up on detail brushes (our HONA brushes start from just £7.50!)

4. Stars and Moons

As we say goodbye to the warmer weather of summer, we are seeing more and more celestial nails. Delicate clouds, stars and crescent moons have started twinkling on our timelines.

This beautiful set by Gemma is a stunning example. To get the look yourself, you'll need a natural colour for your base, Gemma has used PureBuild Tender. Then for the french tip and centre of the stars she has used Chill Pill from our That's Hot Collection, a perfect blue for a dreamy sky design. To give the stars and moon the right look, you'll need Mirror Chrome over Mirror Gold Detail Paint, finally finish with our iridescent top coat.

5. Cottage-Core 

Whether you're city-bound or in the countryside, cottage-core nails can transport you to a serene, rustic haven. October is the perfect time to incorporate muted earthy tones and cute, cosy, nature themed nail art. 

We love this mushroom design by Cat. The soft blush background with the cute but vibrant shrooms have been created with three stunning HONA detail paints, Cherry, Delight and Mirror Silver.


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