November 2023 Nail Art Trends and Ideas

Wave goodbye to the spooky season and get ready to nudge your nail art into November. That biting chill is in the air, the cosy knits have rotated back around to the front of the wardrobe, and you’ve had to put an extra blanket on the bed. The autumnal feels are slipping away and the winter wonders are on their way. 

Here at HONA HQ, we have been rifling through the wonderful work being created on the daily by our amazing HONA Squad. From the wacky and whimsical to the moody masterpieces and the sparkly stunners, let’s delve into what’s got the HONA Hens a clucking and look at some of our favourite Winter nail designs for 2023.

Trend 1 - Chocolate Glazed Doughnut

We are on a sweet, sweet sugar high here at HONA HQ as we’re still indulging in the shiny sheer joys of the Glazed Doughnut Nail Trend that dominated the summer. The delicate finish to the delicatessen-inspired look was enough to satiate our nail art appetites all summer and autumn long but, what’s next? 

Now that we are moving into a chillier month, we are seeing clients opting for darker, richer and more indulgent tones for their winter nail colours. Enter the chocolate-glazed doughnut nail art trend. How gorge?!

We are living for this look created by, @cheryl_louise_nails_and_beauty, using HONA Gel Polish in Cocoa. The shade has a delicious depth of luxurious-looking chocolatey colour and it’s been finished with PureBuild ‘Bubble’. These nails look like a cosy cup of velvetised hot chocolate. Bonfire Night vibes much?

You could also try mixing any of our beautiful brown shades of Gel Polish such as ‘Latte’ or ‘Hazel’, and add the HONA Clear Chrome Powder to finish the look. You’ll create perfect chocolate glazed doughnut nails and your clients will be obsessed!

Trend 2 - Spicy Greens

Add a little heat to your HONA look with some spicy green hues this November. There’s no denying that a dark and earthy green has a fresh winter feel, but this look by @geesbeautyandco using the shade ‘Jalapeno’ from the ‘Moonlight Fiesta’ Collection is hot hot hot.

The great thing about using vivid colours with more depth is that you can carry big bold colour from the Summer into Autumn and through to Winter. We are seeing a delicious smorgasbord of nails in greens, blues, oranges and reds on our Instagram feeds but all in darker tones. Think blood reds, earthy oranges, moody blues and chilli pepper green nails. 

The moodiness of the Jalapeno green on this nail art look is undeniable. Gee’s beauty’s creation is absolute fire and it packs one hell of a punch. If you love this, also check out Venom and Grounding.

Trend 3 - Moonlight Mani

What happens under the moonlight, stays under the moonlight. A perfect look for your November Nights is the Moonlight Blue Gel Polish from the Moonlight Fiesta Collection. This look from Damon is giving celestial sass. Obsessed! 

Have you delved into the Moonlight Fiesta Collection yet? The Gel Polish set offers 10 rich shades that celebrate the essence of darker and colder nights and joyous celebrations under the moonlight. A big nail art trend for November is murky midnight blue. Isn’t it divine?

This look by HONA fave @bydamonevans was created using the ‘Moonlight’ gel polish from the collection. We LOVE how it has whimsy and wallop. The blue is serious and is not messing around, but the addition of the gold droplets using HONA’s Gold Rush Chrome Powder adds an alluring touch of moonlight magic, truly conveying the mystery of the Moonlight Collection. Bravo Damon, bravo.

Trend 4 - Winter Glitter

When in doubt, throw the glitter about. Oh yes, darlings, it is almost time to step into the festive and fabulous sparkle season. This Stardust glitter polish from the After Party Collection is a perfect transitional glitter look (if there is such a thing). Think, FIREWORKS and sparklers, that’s at the heart of November bling.

We are gassed at the buzz that the After Party Glitter Art Gel collection is creating. The collection is the glittering sequel to our coveted Masquerade Ball Collection. Both contain 10 high viscosity, super reflective, glitter gels to add an unmatchable twinkle to your client’s nails. 

If you haven’t already, get yourself acquainted with the 10 flash glitter art gels in the Masquerade collection, you’re going to want them all for your Christmas nail art creations. 

We can let the shade ‘Stardust’ speak for itself, parading itself beautifully here in this absolute stun look from @bylucyalana_x . It’s giving winter-sparks and fireworks. Perfect for November, and a surefire way to get your clients psyched and ready to step it up another notch come December.

Trend 5 - Tortie Tips

We are all still going totally wild for Tortie. And who can blame us? Our ever-popular detail paint is quickly becoming a staple look. Just like a classic french or Starlet red, Tortie may never go out of style so it has to be included in our November nail trend alert.

This winter, get your Tortie Tips out! This creation by @geesbeautyandco categorically slays! The gold detail paint adds that extra touch of elegance and elevates the look to new heights. To create this knockout design, Georgia has used PurerBuild Bubble, Gel Polish ‘Achieve’, Black Detail Paint and Gold Detail Paint.

Speaking of Tortie Tips, Check out this sheer gem from Damon Evans… That Stormy Blue next to the brown Tortie… Sooooo dreamy!

There are so many inspired looks coming through from our HONA-Squad, every day. We have merely scratched the surface with these 5 Winter Nail Art Ideas for 2023. We’ve mentioned the glazed doughnut nail art trend and that high gloss look is key for the season.

If you’re looking for further inspo then just take your lead from some of the Winter 2023 fashion trends. Red is a solid mood this winter so, be sure to offer your clients a classic red gloss nail to match their ‘all red everything’, and, metallics are a season must-have this year so get ya chromes out, Squad!. You might also want to play around with bow designs for nails as the fashion world is a flood with bow detailing this season. Check out these ribbon nail stickers.

What nail trends do you foresee as big hits this November?

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