Nail Tech Spotlight: Yasmine Hodge

This month, we're shining the nail tech spotlight on the inspiring Yasmine Hodge from @gelsbyyas. Yasmine is an incredibly talented nail technician with an inspiring portfolio that we can't wait to explore! Additionally, we would like to celebrate Yas's achievements as the founder of @nailingdisabilities, an initiative aimed at empowering nail technicians who face chronic illnesses and disabilities. 

1. Full Cover Pink Dreams 

This perfect pink set by Yas highlights her attention to detail with the cleanest application! Are you feeling inspired by a full pink look? take a look at HONA Giddy-up to recreate it! 

2. Zebra 

This fun zebra set is perfect for a playful summer look! Want to create your on version? All you'll need is:

3. Foil Accents 

This playful summer set by Yas uses pink foils to elevate her nail art and create a picture perfect look! feeling inspired? all you need is: 

4. Ombre 

 This summer the ombre trend has taken over our feeds and we love it! Yas has captured the trend perfectly with this bright beautiful ombre! ant to create your on summer ombre? All you need is: 

5. Rainbow Sets 

Who doesn't love a rainbow set in summer?? this bright and bold set by Yas celebrates her skill and shows off a rainbow of beautiful shades that we love! Want to create your own? This is what you'll need: 



Q: What message would you like to share with other nail technicians, especially those facing challenges or disabilities?

A:  For people with any chronic illness or disability such as mental health, neurodivergent and fibromyalgia etc I want people to know that just because we face different challenges and barriers to others we should not let this stop us! That’s why I created Nailing Disabilities, a safe space for those to discuss any challenges. Just because we might be disabled or chronically ill, it does not mean we are unable to do our job well! Please don’t give up, it might be hard but please continue on your journey you will get to where you want to be in your own timeframe! If you’re not chronically ill or disabled please learn about conditions that can impact other professionals but clients too. This will help reduce the stigma within the industry. We can all achieve our dreams, we’re just at different stages of our journey. 

Q: Name your top 5 favourite HONA shades (either gel polish or detail paints)

A: Sunset Ridge, Dolly, Cactus, Stormy and Buttercup Detail Paint

Q: In your opinion, what are the key factors that contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for nail technicians with disabilities in the workplace?

A:  This is a topic I could discuss for ages! But my main points for creating a supportive and inclusive environment within the work place should be that no matter somebody’s background, gender, race, disability etc they should have equal opportunities. Nobody should be penalised for having a disability or being different. It’s also really important that people within the workplace know that there is no judgement and that if they are struggling they can talk to somebody. Nobody should struggle alone!! I also think it’s important that people are taught about disabilities so that they are able to understand and help support any other professionals or clients. 

Q: How does HONA impact your day to day role as a nail technician?

A: HONAs products really help me within my work. Due to the long handle on their bottles it allows me to grip easily. I struggle with wrist pain so being able to find a brand that has a good length handle has made my work a lot easier. HONAs gel polishes and details paints are incredibly pigmented this means I haven’t got to spend a long period of time painting and building up coverage. As a result i’m not having to hold things for as long. When I don’t have clients, HONAs peely base allows me to create content for my socials. No question asked to the HONA team is ever silly, they are always there to help and support you. 

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