Nail Tech Spotlight: Vanessa

As the festive season unfolds, our December Nail Tech Spotlight shines on the super talented, Vanessa!  In this feature, we delve into Vanessa's work and why we love it! Her portfolio, a blend of intricate patterns, bold colours, and innovative designs, not only reflects her exceptional skill but also her passion for transforming nails into stunning pieces of art.

Join us as we showcase some of Vanessa's most breathtaking creations!

Alternative French

We love this stunning take on a french manicure from Vanessa. This ethereal look adds texture and colour to a classic design, giving it a more modern feel. The delicate silver lines really make the colours pop and brings out the coolness of the white. Feeling inspired? Try the look yourself with: Scallop, Glacier, Taurus flakes, Silver Bullet Chrome

Wizard Of Oz Competition Entry

This Wizard of Oz inspired design was created for a nail art competition with Professional Beauty UK. We love the use of colour and how each design comes together to help tell the story. This might be a tough one to recreate but here is the list of HONA products Vanessa used:

Detail Paints
Cotton Candy, Seductive, Sunshine, Mahogany, Mink, Melon, White, Cherry, Old Smoke, Tortie, Black, So Fetch, No Duh, Gossip, Conceal, Txt Me

Gel Polish
Grounding, Paradise, Grape Soda, Blueberry Fizz, Apple Spritz, Banana Split, Peachy, Lychee Blush, White

Emerald Green Pigment Powder, Fortune, Gold Rush, Strawberry Daiquiri, Old Fashioned, Blue Lagoon, Sorcery, Between the Sheets

Top Coats
Super Shine, Rubber Base, Matte Top Coat

Chrome Stars

Here, Vanessa has used Ballerina and Alaska to create this beautiful cool, pink iridescent look. We love Vanessa's use of colour and her delicate metallic stars. To create the stars, you'll need Venus from our Celestial Collection of detail paints. Venus is a silvery dark purple, which almost looks silver from afar.

Silver Marble Effect

This delicate set is so stunning. This marble effect has been created with PureBuild Cotton, White Gel Polish, Scallop and Rubber Base. With little dashes of silver foil. We love seeing Vanessa's feed full of unique patterns and designs like this. 

Q&A With Vanessa

1. What is your favourite HONA collection and why?

Ooooh that’s a tough one to answer! There is something in every collection that makes it my favourite! I love Dream Big “Manifest” but then I love Wild Side “Venom” but then my fave is Feel of Autumn “Stormy” and don’t even get me started on detail paints anything glittery and sparkly will do, but I think “Pluto” is my go to for an extra “tahdah” moment! When you take a few out of each collection and put them together it’s magic so I couldn’t possibly choose just one!

2. What’s your favourite part about being a nail tech?

It’s got to be the connections with my clients, meeting people and getting to know their story whilst creating little pieces of art to reflect their personality, the trust they put into you to do this and share their most precious information with you. Getting to be creative every day that you work and loving it is a gift. 

3. If you weren’t a nail technician, what would be your dream job?

I would be working with donkeys, dogs and goats and you can throw in a few sheep and reindeer too! Anything I do would be animal-related, what’s not to love, although I’m not keen on creepy crawlies and flying things! 

4. What’s the longest you’ve waited at your window for the postman?

Hahahaha what a magnificent question! Well, to be honest, I had a client sat halfway through a set whilst I stood at the door waiting for the postie because I heard the van outside, I even went marching up the street looking (she did find it hilarious!) so I would have to say around 20 mins on foot and otherwise I check the window and ring doorbell every couple of minutes when I know a HONA parcel is due to arrive! The obsession is real and my post lady knows it too!


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