Nail Tech Spotlight @Simplymarthas

This month, our April Nail Tech Spotlight shines on the super talented, Martha Mumby @Simplymarthas. In this feature we delve into Martha's work and why we love it! Her portfolio is full of beautiful designs, featuring intricate details, soft lines and attention to detail. 

Join us as we showcase some of Martha's most stunning creations! 


This nail set exudes freshness with its cool mint and white colour scheme. The combination of the glossy finish on the solid-coloured nails and the intricate marbled design on the others gives this set a dynamic and textured look, enough to inspire anyone! If you want to create this look try out HONA Wild Child Gel PolishWhite Gel Polish & White Detail Paint 


Love is in the air with this romantic set by Martha featuring perfect pink swirls and gold heart accents creating the most perfect combination for a soft romantic look. Felling creative? Try out the look using HONA Rubber Base, BuffHawthorneOrchidWhite Detail Paint and Starlight


Let your inner sparkle shine with this beautiful blue set by Martha! From ombre, to swirls, to block colour this set has all of your glitter needs covered so perfectly! If you want to sparkle and shine just like these nails do, you'll need HONA Rubber base, Angel PureBuild, Moonbeam Detail Paint and White Detail Paint,

Day Dreaming 

We cant stop day dreaming about this set by Martha with a beautiful combination of shimmering lavender and glossy, clear nails with white cloud-like accents. The lavender nails have a subtle sparkle that gives off a magical, almost celestial feel. Want to create your own dreamy look? You'll need HONA Swift Tips Matte Medium Almond, Cotton Candy Detail PaintScallop Gel Polish and  Iridescent topcoat.



Q: What is your favourite nail trend at the moment?

A: Currently I am absolutely loving all the pastels everyone is going for in preparation for spring/easter vibes! I’m a huge pastel lover so this is a super fun time of year for so many cute sets, plus some glitter as anyone that knows me, knows I cannot resist a glitter!

Q: How do you stay inspired in a busy industry?

A: I think a huge part of staying inspired is not comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to a nail tech that is fully booked, someone with thousands of followers etc will not help you become fully booked or increase followers, it’ll only make you feel down about your own work. Remembering why you started your nail technician journey is so important, and seeing how far you’ve come too. Allow other nail techs to inspire you for sure, look up to them, but never compare! You are your own competition, nobody else!

Q: What is your favourite HONA product and why?

A: I would have to choose the pure builds as these are the products that made the challenging decision of rebranding so much easier, as soon as I tried them I knew  this is the brand I want to use! All the incredible factors of Hona aside ( hypoallergenic etc), pure build applies like a dream and the longevity is just incredible! It’s the only builder gel that has lasted on my clients who suffer with nail biting/picking, it has been incredible for them to end up with such long natural nails and be proud of their nails. 

Q: Can you share a few tips or tricks you've learned along the way that have improved your nail techniques?

A: Practise practise practise! Alongside good quality products, brushes etc. I first tried Hona detail paints nearly a year ago now and i liked them however i was using another brand gel brush which i was not the best of quality. Once I decided to try the HONA brushes I completely and totally fell in love with the detail paints even more than I thought possible! Nail art becomes easier from practise, time and fab brushes! Not beating yourself up is so important, it’s so easy to be hard on yourself, and be down if you aren’t able to do some nail art first time, but you have to remember that nobody is ever perfect first time and as long as you keep practising and don’t give up, you will get there! You will be the nail tech featured by brands, looked up to by other nail techs etc if you keep on going!


"Nailing disabilities is such a important group, something I searched for many years ago when I started in the nail industry, I tried to create something similar for wheelchair users like myself and it was so helpful at the time however I didn’t get the reach that the incredible Yasmin Hodge from nailing disabilities has created, she is an incredible person and it’s amazing to have a group that recognising the struggles of those with disabilities, that are also in this industry! The tips and tricks shared are so beyond helpful and most importantly, showing others they are not alone!" - Martha